CNA Training Overview, Purpose and Requirements

CNAs or certified nursing assistants play a very important part in the healthcare world. They have a significant role in providing patient care in health facilities. Nursing assistants are also known as orderlies, nursing aides, patient care technicians or nurses’ aides. Their key responsibilities are to provide direct assistance to patients and attend to their daily needs from beddings to hygiene. They work under the supervision or a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or a physician. They are the front liner in any healthcare facility.

There is an increasing demand of nursing assistants every year. This is the reason why the government is also doing their part to help increase the number of students attending CNA training programs every year. The training program usually lasts for 8 weeks but may vary from state to state. After completion, students must pass an exam to obtain a CNA certification. Although the duties of a nursing assistant are not the same in all facilities, they are all required to learn the core knowledge and skills of that every CNA must posses. They must know well how to operate different medical equipments, taking of patients’ vital signs and attend to the patients’ daily living needs such as feeding, bathing, grooming and hygiene. These are the most essential part of all CNA training that must be fully understood by each student. Nursing assistants also spend more time with patients and are responsible in providing emotional assistance and comfort to them.

Those who find it quite hard to get a CNA certification by attending trainings in local campuses can actually learn the same quality of skills and knowledge through online courses. Aside from the fact that online courses are more time efficient than traditional training programs in universities, it is also more cost efficient. You can save a lot when you get a good training package online.