Details about CNA training and CNA certification

There are many careers in the medical industry that one can choose from. One misconception is that you can only pursue a career in this field if you have lots of money and time to spend for the education, training and internship. Truth is, there is a medical profession that you can pursue in the medical field with less money and time – and that is by becoming a certified nursing assistant.

Nursing assistant or sometimes called as nurse aides are medical professionals whose basic role is to support the nurses. Nursing assistants works under the supervision of registered nurses. They basically help in the patient care. Patient care doesn’t only include personal hygiene but also environmental care.

Nursing aides’ tasks are not limited to bathing, feeding and helping the patients do simple personal tasks, they also help in transferring the patient to other beds or rooms if necessary. Nursing aides also help in the cleaning and maintenance of medical rooms and equipments. They usually do the fixing and changing of beds in rooms and cleaning and checking of medical equipments such as electrocardiograms and x-ray machines.

In order to become a nursing assistant, one needs to undergo CNA training being offered my medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics and government health facilities. Some universities and private training centers also offers CNA training courses. CNA training does not take long to complete, in fact CNA trainings only last for several months to two years. The training covers theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge about patient care.

After an extensive CNA training, successful nursing aides are required to take CNA certification exams before they can actually work in medical facilities, and health care facilities. Each state in the USA has its own CNA certification exam based on their local health care needs. Thus, nursing aide applicants should decide which state they will practice their profession before taking the certification exam.