Do’s and Don’ts in a CNA Job Interview

After you have completed your CNA training and successfully passed the state’s CNA certification exam, it is now time to look for a job. The demand for nursing assistants is relatively high, however the number of nursing assistant applicants are very high too.  The competition for a nursing assistant slot in hospitals are very high, thus in order to win the competition, one should always impress their interviewer during the interview process.

Proper conduct in interviews is not taught in your CNA training, much more tips in nailing the process. Luckily, this article is here to provide you tips that will certainly be useful in your interviews. Interviews are the most important aspect in the hiring process, thus one should take it very seriously and prepare for it. Interviews are the last step in getting that position.

Below are do’s and don’ts in interview processes;

·         Be confident and prepared – prior to your interview, make sure to review your resume and your portfolio. Some questions will be coming from your resume, so to answer them well, you will have to be very familiar with the information you have on your resume. Also, always have a confident aura, relax and smile.

·         Tell them what you can offer – rather than being passive and stating your duties and responsibilities try to tell them about your accomplishments in the past. The things that you have done in your CNA training and internships that made you recognized in your school will be useful in interviews. Tell them about seminars and what you have learned from them.

·         Don’t try to fake and add additional information on your resume

·         Don’t wear revealing clothes and too much make up

·         In answering questions, don’t go around the bush, get directly to the point

·         Try to ask some questions and clarifications

·         And lastly, greet and say goodbye properly to your interviewer.