Hospitals That Provide CNA Training for Interested People

Deciding to become a CNA or a Certified Nursing Assistant may be a substantial expense since generally the complete CNA training costs $800. However, there are certain hospitals that are willing to help an aspirant complete his training for free. There are also hospitals willing to shoulder the CNA course program expenses of an aspirant working under this medical facility and pays the hospital through easy installment deductions from his payroll. Some hospitals don’t charge a CNA aspirant so long as he will do volunteer work for the said hospital in exchange for the remuneration.

Not all hospitals offer a CNA training. You need to search through a good number of medical facilities offering such first before applying to enroll. These guidelines will help you with your search:

First is to get hold of a local telephone directory and call all listed local hospitals. Inquire if such hospitals offer CNA trainings. If they do not, they might be able to recommend on hospitals that offer such training.


Contact local community colleges that are in contract with any local hospitals offering the said training.  These hospitals may offer free training provided the student will do volunteer work in their facility or is willing to be contracted in the same after a CNA certification has been awarded the student.

A visit to the State Board of Nursing may yield feasible information on hospitals offering such training.

Ask from nurses or CNAs you may know on where to get training from specific hospitals.

Lastly, newspaper advertisements are also excellent sources about giving detailed information on CNA training from hospitals.

Bear in mind that a hospital facility giving such training is by far the best because being a broad facility, the student is able to grasp extensive CNA knowhow principles which are particularly useful in his future CNA career. Furthermore, hospitals are also excellent facilities to give a substantial chance on students to be contracted right after his CNA course completion and examination.