How a CNA can respond to an emergency

A CNA certification holder has a proven knowledge with the basic principles and foundations of the nursing assistance field in the medical aspect. It also means that they have finished a CNA training course that is necessary in learning all the basic requirements before becoming a certified nursing assistant. The said CNA training will take time because it is not a course that you can just learn for a couple of days, you have to work hard because it requires effort and full time knowledge for you to accomplish the said learning process.

The role of a CNA is to have a direct contact with the patient and be able to observe the differences in their conditions from time to time. A CNA will also be responsible in informing the nurse or doctor of the current condition of the patient. From its recovery progress to the basic movements, the CNA can help you pretty much help you with a detailed report upon the close interaction with the assigned patient.

CNA’s is also trained to respond to certain emergencies that can happen to their patients. Although limited in terms of taking emergency action, they can perform basic life saving maneuvers that will be helpful especially if the situation calls for immediate response and does not have time to summon a doctor or a nurse. They know how to perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and are expected to deliver in times that they need to. But these situations will have a decent chance of not happening every time because of the medical and technological advancement today that can automatically respond to emergency situations and life threatening instances physically does not happen every day. But it also pays to be ready because a CNA will never know when this time will come that is why they are still trained to respond emergencies.