How to be qualified as a CNA

A certified nursing assistant or abbreviated as CNA is a person that plays a significant role which is taking care of patients and assisting them with their needs with the supervision of a registered nurse. To become a CNA, there are two important things that you have to comply with, completion of CNA training and certification.

Why is CNA training important? Proper training is important simply because being a CNA means you would have to deal with the sick people. It usually takes 9 to 12 months depending on the program enrolled for. By going through training classes, you will learn the duties and responsibilities of being a nursing assistant as well as developing skills to be used on the actual field of patient care. Without going through training, you cannot be qualified to get a certification since it is not something you just ask or pay for. Rather, it is something that you would have to work for.

How can certification be obtained after training? Certification can actually be acquired by taking an exam. There are actually many of types CNA examinations nowadays which come in either oral or written forms. You can only be considered a certified nursing assistant by passing any of these exams.

Now, why is certification important? Becoming a nursing assistant like other professionals in the health care industry, also have  qualifications that are compulsory. The importance of having a CNA certification is that it serves as a proof that you have officially completed and passed the training. This will also show that you have enough experience to be qualified as a nursing assistant. When applying for a job, most employers would require a certification since this will prove that you are capable of  performing the duties and knowledgeable of the responsibilities of a certified nurse assistant.