How to Overcome CNA Training: Your Guide in Becoming a CNA

A nursing assistant may have lower qualifications. That is compared to the rest of the medical health team. However, a nursing assistant still takes care of patients. That’s why the government requires a nursing assistant to become a certified nursing assistant or CNA.

It’s not that hard to become a certified nurse assistant. In fact, it is harder to become a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. To become a certified nursing assistant, you have to have CNA training. Here are the requirements for you to get that CNA certificate easily.

 Step 1:

A GED or high school diploma - While most CNA schools don’t need GED and high school diploma, your employers might. Everyone can take up CNA training. However, your employers can choose from possibly hundreds of applicants. Your GED or high school diploma might be the 1 up you might need.

Step 2:

Choose your CNA class. The traditional learning in a class room is the best type of training you will get. Most colleges have about 100 to 180 hours of learning. You can be taught lessons with hands on experience. This is very important. You will need this when you will take the CNA exam. If you can’t handle the classes, you have other options.

Step 3:

For those of you who can’t go to a classroom, you can have other options. First, some colleges and training schools offer the course via long distance learning. You will be sent the modules for you to learn. Other colleges offer the course online. However, as a word of warning, check the credentials of the school. One way of knowing it’s a fraud is that the school only offers theoretical learning. Ideally, CNAs also have to undergo at least 16 hours of practical exams.

Step 4:

Take the CNA exam. If you followed step 2 or 3, you will not have a problem with this step. The exam consists of theoretical and practical. The CNA certification is needed to ensure that the CNA is fit to take care of patients.

Becoming a CNA is relatively easy. However, it is still harder than most courses out there. It may be because you are dealing with lives. But if you have the dedication, you will be able to become what you worked hard for.