Gaining Different Skills Through CNA Training and Certification

A CNA is one of the most important people in the field of medical care. They directly assist a physician and nurses in providing health care to patients. Since nursing assistants are expected to handle different tasks that involve either sensitive or simple patient care, they need to learn different rules and regulations.

CNA training is to prepare nursing assistants for the demanding and sensitive profession ahead. Additionally, the training will also provide background in preparation for a series of exam known as CNA certification. Most states now require CNA to complete and pass examinations before they can perform hospital or healthcare facility duties.

The exams will usually validate the important skills needed, for the CNA, to perform in their tasks.

Skills Needed and Acquired

Overall Patient Care – CNA will be interacting with patients. Therefore, they are required to learn proper patient care. These include understanding patient privacy, ethics, rights and many more. Patient care also means that the CNA must know how to take vital signs. These include knowledge in getting blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, and temperature. CNA must be able to perform this duty in normal and emergency situations.

First Aid – This skill is especially important if the CNA is working in a facility without an emergency room. CNAs can be assigned in different areas like hospitals, senior homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and many more. In depth first aid knowledge will help save patients lives.

Basic Nursing Skills – CNA will also be taught basic nursing skills like changing of bedding, grooming, cleaning and many more. They will also learn bedside manners and ethics, so they can have better relationships with patients.

Various Operation of Medical Equipment – CNA will also learn how to operate different medical equipment needed in hospital and other facility settings. This skill must be performed with precision so that CNA can ensure patient safety.

There are plenty of other skills that a CNA will be able to acquire. This is by going through a comprehensive CNA training and CNA certification.