How to Pass NNAAP and Obtain CNA Certification

The final step to get a CNA Certification is by passing the NNAAP or the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program. To become an accredited Certified Nursing Assistant, you must first pass the CNA exams. CNA exams are given to students after completing their CNA training.

Passing the exam would be easier if you already have an idea of the format used in the test. Primarily, it is composed different parts. Portions are mainly divided into 3 sections: written, oral and skill testing. These sections are grouped into two portions. The first portion is written and oral and the second is the skill or hands on test. If you know its structure, you’ll find it less complicated as you think it is. Questions for the written exam are provided with multiple choices of answers. They are mainly all the information about the skills that should have been learned by the students while on CNA training. The oral part of the exam have consists 10 questions that would test the candidates comprehension using the wide range of skills they have acquired. The last portion of the exam is the skill test. This will determine if the candidate is well equipped with the right knowledge and skills required to obtain a CNA certification. The test is conducted in a hospital setting simulation. The candidate is given series of tests to perform with the best of their abilities while being evaluated by examination officials and staffs.

Make your self prepared for the examination. Come on time or earlier. Don’t forget to bring these very important things: ID, pens, pencils, wrist watch, and stethoscope. Relax and don’t be nervous. This can certainly affect your performance and out of focus. Keep yourself hydrated before the test. Don’t forget to wash your hands before you attend to the patient. Keep in mind that this is a test and your instructor will no longer remind you on what to do. They will just watch what you are doing so keep it natural. As soon as you realized to have made a mistake, request the facilitator to repeat the process. Smile and build rapport to your patient. This will help you relax and perform naturally. If you can do all these, you sure will pass the test.